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  • At Deason's Consulting Services, we offer a very aggressive and successful credit restoration program provided by United Credit Education Services (UCES.)  These amazing non-profit attorneys do an amazing job of legally disputing/removing items from people's credit reports that are not 100% accurate, are erroneous or negative.

  • UCES is a 501(c)(3) organization of non-profit attorney's that are experts in the field of The Fair Credit Reporting Act of 1971 and many other legal statutes which protect the consumer from having inaccurate, erroneous and negative items from being repeatedly reported on their individual credit reports if they are not 100 accurate or have been certain limitation laws. They do all of our dispute process for our valued customers.

  • The initial cost to enroll for the first 30 days is $188.00 to start ($99 activation fee + $89 first month) and then only $89.00 per month until most items are removed and your goals have been met. Please keep in mind that this takes time and patience.

  • We have customers who have seen significant increases to their credit scores within 90-120 days or less, however; sometimes depending on the amount of items we must dispute it can take up to 6-12 months.  Each case is independently reviewed and may have different results.  The process may take time, but we dispute all credit bureaus with all items that are removable under the law simultaneously where many companies are not legally able to do the same.

  • We are considered the industry experts in disputing/removing items like bankruptcies, evictions, tax liens, student loans, child support, collections, repo's, evictions and more. We have maintained an A+ rating with the BBB for one 15 years.

  • We offer each customer 24/7 access to their very own client portal for security reasons. The service includes many other services such as learning how to build positive credit, pay debt down without closing credit lines and budgeting tools.  Our program is unlike no other in the country. Our belief is providing each of our valued customers an education about their unique journey in the hopes that it will change their financial picture.

  • We also offer a secure bank card with Master Card.  It is a Guaranteed card with a minimum of $200 to put down on the card balance.  

  • If you rent, we offer an amazing program called Credit My Rent.  It allows our customers to get credit for paying rent on time.  We can actually go back 1-2 years retroactively and help report rent onto TransUnion to raise your credit scores.

  • To Enroll Click On The Red Link Below:

  • You Must Activate Your Client Portal: