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  • We want to thank you for enrolling into our Credit Restoration program with both Deason's Consulting Services, LLC and the program provider United Credit Education Services (UCES.)

    UCES is where the attorney's that work on your dispute process are located.

    There are a few things to do to activate your client portal and agree to certain terms before we pull your credit and determine what needs to be disputed and removed legally.

  • Please follow these instructions: ACTIVATE PORTAL

  • 1.) Access your client portal at : (User ID# your email / Password: last 4 digits of your ss#).

    2.) Agree to the terms and verify your social security number/ personal information.

    3.) Click on Credit Restoration on white part of page, then on next page click on pull credit now. It will prompt you to request activation. You can also watch the UCESPP Video Library and go to the videos on What's New at UCESPP/ Credit Restoration and Document Process.

    4.) Also pay the $1.00 one-time fee to activate your Credit Monitoring. Smart Credit will send you notifications via email if anyone tries topull your credit. This will also tell you how many points your score has increased.

    5.) Activate the Identity Monitoring service.

  • Once you activate your client portal it will tell you within 48 hrs what your score is after our attorney's do the hard pull on your credit reports.


  • You have access to 12 services under the $89.00 fee, please use them.

    Within 5-7 business days from activating your client portal, you will receive your dispute letters in a generic white envelope via mail for each credit bureau. Sign and follow the instructions in the packet (mail out immediately as everything we do is time sensitive.)

    Expect responses from the credit bureaus within 45-55 days after you have mailed your dispute letters. (Mark your calendar on your cell) The Credit Bureaus MUST respond to the disputes in writing by way of sending letters or credit reports. If nothing comes off during the first few disputes, we aggressively continue to dispute over and over again until those negative items are legally removed. There is no guarantee, but we have been very successful at this for 15 years.

  • Please mail back credit reports from Equifax, Experian and Transunion to the following address:

    Customer Update Department
    P. O. Box 130
    Farmington, MI 48332

    Or email to:
    [email protected]

  • If we fail to receive updates from you, nothing will change to your portal reports and progress. If you have any questions please call our customer service desk at 248-848-9065.

    Most of our customers see some significant results within 6-12 months or less. Please be patient. It took time to get these items on your credit reports and it will take time to legally remove them as well.

    Once you are enrolled, I cannot see your information due to security reasons and your privacy.

    Should you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our customer service desk Monday-Friday between 8am-8pm at 248-848-9065.